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Meet Jailene Fontaine

Animal Communicator, Healer, Educator

Why Natural Healing

I can help with:


Connect with your animals for messages, insight and mutual understanding.

Behavioral Changes

Discern the cause of change as well as the solution.

Energy Flow

Assist in maintaining balance and flow on all levels for optimal well being.


Formulate a detailed, individual recovery plan for emotional and/or physical injuries.


Natural diets specific to the individual needs of each animal.

Training Issues

Help in understanding resistance and what changes are needed for a favorable outcome.



"My horse, Rudy, had become burned out and depressed with no interest in anything at all.  Jailene knew just what to do and put together a plan to help him get back to the amazing horse he used to be.  In time and using the natural methods Jailene suggested he became happy, bright, and game once more!  It brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.  Jailene’s abilities and knowledge are invaluable to anyone looking for help with their horse!"

— Heidi Doucette 


Total Wellness

Review animal's physical, emotional, and spiritual  condition & create a healing plan towards optimal well being.


60 min/ $180

Animal Communication

Communicate with animals here or

crossed over.

15 min / $40       30min / $80

45 min / $120     60 min / $160


Energy to restore, balance, calm, and relax.

60 min / $100


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