Choose From The Heart

Are You Listening?
        Take the time to find out what is truly happening by connecting and openly communicating with your animal(s), your world, and the world around you.

Your Heart Always Offers The "Right" 
          answer for you.  Let's determine what is happening in your animal's life  and in your life 
on every level by listening to the needs of your animal as well as the teachings they have to offer you. 


By Working With Your Energy,

         your animal's energy, my energy and universal energy, I am able to determine where, when and how to assist in communication with your animal’s healing of body, mind or spirit and general information about your given path. 


As An Animal Communicator,

         my approach is to get you and your animal thriving in a balanced, cohesive state of well being for a healthy and productive long term partnership.  I have 40 years professional experience in communicating, energy healing, nutrition, rehabilitation, training, and teaching to offer to my clients as well as being a certified herbalist and Reiki/IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) practitioner. 

Jailene Fontaine
All About Animals
Wakefield, NH
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