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Meet Jailene Fontaine

Total Animal Wellness
Herbal Medicine

Connection And Kinship...

Has existed between me and the animal kingdom since my childhood where I developed the ability to communicate with all animals including knowing just what they needed to be restored to good health and well being.  

A Passion For Horses...  

Led to riding lesson in my youth which in later years evolved into an Assistant Trainer position at a large stable.  There I incorporated my animal communication and healing skills in the daily care and training of over thirty horses.  Desiring to continue my education I went to Kentucky to study with one of the nation's top equitation instructors and trainers.  

Upon Returning...

I opened my own stable focusing on assisting horses and riders in their continued growth as well as rehabilitating horses.  It was here that my horse, Playboy, pushed me to learn more about natural healing and alternative modalities for his particular issues.  Essential Oils were introduced successfully with herbs and energy therapy being added later for his full recovery.  This prompted  me to learn more about species specific nutrition and supplements eventually becoming a certified herbalist as well as certified in Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy).  He further encouraged me to me to offer my abilities and services to the general public which resulted in the gift of aiding animals worldwide.

My Approach Is...

To get you and your animal thriving in a balanced, cohesive state of well being for a healthy and productive long term partnership.  I have  over 45 years professional experience in animal communication, energy healing, balanced nutrition, rehabilitation, training, and teaching to offer to my clients.  You will get reassurance, direction, and peace of mind along with a specific healing plan toward a happier and healthier animal.  

Your Animal's Health Starts Here

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