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Total Animal Wellness
Herbal Medicine

"My mare was so overwrought and frazzled that I really thought she was beyond any kind of rehabilitation. I knew I had to do something so I called Jailene and she agreed to help. A combination of essential oils, energy therapy and a lot of patience restored Maggie to the wonderful horse I knew she could be.  Everyone should know about what she can do for horses.  She's like a horse whisperer!"

— Jen Eisenhower

"Jailene has been an enormous blessing to my cat, Blue, and to me. When we came to her, Blue was a young cat with  an intractable health problem that had stumped every veterinarian we consulted. Jailene checked in with Blue about his health, advised me about his diet, and helped me find a holistic vet who would work with us. Jailene also helped me figure out how to make a cross-country move with Blue, which turned out to be a  bonding experience and a joy-filled journey. Today, Blue is healthy and thriving in our new home. Jailene uses her gifts to care for body, mind, and spirit. Her guidance has helped me trust my own intuition, and has strengthened my relationship with all the animals in my life. I am so grateful for Jailene's beautiful and healing work!"

— Yael Lachman

"Something was wrong with my sweet dog and the vet couldn’t figure it out.  My gut told me - find an answer, he needs help.  A friend recommended Jailene Fontaine.  I got the full wellness session and was so happy, relieved, and grateful for answers.  She connected with my sweetie dog, helped me understand what he needed, suggested remedies and recipes and gave me time frames to pay attention to.  I’m so very happy I’ve met Jailene and I will call again for an appointment!  Thank you Jailene."

— Laura Bly

"I’m so glad I found Jailene! I have a 19 year old cat who is deaf, arthritic, and has kidney issues. We have utilized Jailene for both communications with our cat and for remote treatments.   It has been a relief to know specifically what our cat is thinking, how she sees things, and to have a closer look at her personality (from her own point of view)!!  Jailene’s remote Reiki treatments have done wonders for our cat - improving her energy and appetite immediately after a session; bringing back the brightness in her eyes and returning her to more of her feisty self.  I find Jailene to be warm, and clear-spoken, and genuinely interested in our cat."

— Tania Sturtevant 

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