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Total Animal Wellness
Herbal Medicine



Total Wellness

Review animal's physical, emotional, and spiritual  condition & create a healing plan towards optimal well being.


60 min/ $180

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Integrated Energy Therapy

Works through DNA to remove issues.

60 min / $100


Animal Communication

Communicate with animals here or crossed over.

15 min / $40         30min / $80

45 min / $120       60 min / $160



Source Remedial Treatment

Powerfully concentrated, focused, exacting healing energy that gets to the root of an injury or ailment.

60 min/ $180

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Energy to restore, balance, calm, and relax.

60 min / $100

Other Offerings


House / Barn Calls

A minimum of 3 animals is required.  Healing products additional charge.


$20 travel fee over 20 miles



  • Talk to Your Animals    

  • Using Energy to Help Your Animals    

  • Essential Oils in Animal Care   

  • Animal Nutrition & Herbal Support   

  • Discover CoEvolution Connections   

  • Bliss For You & Your Animals

$25/person    (2 hrs.)    


Herbal Remedies

5) Soothe & Support - valerian, echinacea, chamomile, apple cider vinegar, spring water. 2 oz.


Includes S&H.  $15


6) Soothe & Support (Cats) - catnip, echinacea, chamomile, apple cider vinegar, spring water.  2 oz.


Includes S&H.  $15


Animal Communication Group Mentorship

Opportunity to discuss and/or further develop your animal communication skills, create community, and receive the benefit of 45+ years experience.  


You'll get help and guidance with your questions, experiences, or concerns. 1 hour a week for 6 weeks via Skype.

Discounted Full Payment:  $800.

Two Installments:  $425. 


Herbal Remedies

Organic & Homemade

1) Balanced Belly - ginger, turmeric, chamomile, & slippery elm powders.  4 oz.

Includes S&H.  $15


2) Hot Spots Gone - coconut oil and oregano EO. 4 oz.


Includes S&H  $15.


Chakra Tags

Real stones helping to maintain energetic flow & balance.  Worn on collar or halter.


Includes  S&H  $15


Animal Communication Mentorship

Individual sessions to discuss and/or further develop your animal communication skills and receive the benefit of 45+ years experience.  You'll get help and guidance with your questions, experiences, or concerns.

By appointment at $150/ hr. 


Herbal Remedies

3) Liver Lift - turmeric, milk thistle, and dandelion powders. 4 oz.


Includes S&H. $15


4) Repair & Restore - coconut oil, lavender & chamomile EO. 4 oz.


Includes S&H. $15


Gift Certificates

1) Animal communication Session


2) Total Wellness Session



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Sessions can occur by phone, email, text, Zoom, or Skype as well as in person with Covid 19 safety guidelines observed.

Cancellation Policy: Full refund with 48 hours notice. 50% refund for 24 hours or less.


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