"Upon the arrival of my show horse to Jailene's barn she knew exactly what to do and what he needed.  I can't believe what a difference I've seen in such a short time...he seems to be a new horse!  I have complete respect for the gifts and talents that Jailene possesses."
                                         - H.D., Kingston, NH

"My horse was so overwrought and frazzled that I really thought she was beyond any kind of rehabilitation.  I knew I had to do something so I called Jailene and she agreed to help.   A combination of essential oils, energy therapy and a lot of patience restored her to the wonderful horse I knew she could be.  Everyone should know about what she can do for horses."                                         
                                         - J.E., Shapleigh, ME

"Two sessions with Jailene was equivalent to 7 with my acupuncturist.  WOW"
                                          - S., Biddeford, ME

"It's amazing the positive changes I see in him both physically and mentally!"
                                           -B.B., Shelbyville, KY

"Since we've changed his eating practices, he's gained a superior coat and a better attitude about work!"
                                          - L.D., Lebanon, ME

"I feel much better about JoJo's passing and am relieved to know that she's okay and pain free.  I can't thank you enough for helping me undertsand her passing.  She was my best friend. Thank you!"
                                           -D.S., Portland, ME

"I had to laugh.  It is highly appropriate for Sam to see himself as a big dog as he will eventually weigh in at 210 lbs. when full grown.  As for not wanting anyone to pry inside, he just had prophylactic surgery to prevent stomach twisting or bloat which can be lethal.  As usual, you were dead on for him!  Thank you!"
                                           -D.B., Bangor, ME 

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