Jailene incorporates the following
products into 
her healing
organic practices:

         Theraputic Grade Essential Oils - used 
               as holistic remedies and for 
                energy work.

          Herbal remedies individually blended
                by Jailene for your animal's
                specific needs.

          Flower Essences made by Jailene for 
                your animal's specific needs.

 Call for quotes on individual products.

(product fees include shipping & handling)

Soothe & Support Spray                $7
      Calms, reduces stress &
       supports the body.  1oz.           

Organic Dog Flea &                         $7
    Tick Powder

Organic Cat Flea &                          $7
Tick Powder


Dog Chakra Tag                               $7

Cat Chakra Tag                                $7

Horse Chakra Tag                            $7

Custom Stone Healing Tag               $10


15 Minute Session                            $30

30 Minute Session                            $60

45 Minute Session                            $90

60 Minute Session                           $120

Rehabilitation & Health                   $150
   Path consultation

Classes are 2 hrs. each and rates are per person.

Talk To Your Animals                       $25
Using Energy to Help                       $25
   Your Animals

Use of Essential Oils in                   $25
   Animal Care

Animal Nutrition/Herbal                 $25

Pet Chat   
2-3 hour gallery event.                    $30
   Rate is per person.



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